George Fulton

The University of Michigan’s Economics Rockstar

George Fulton

George Fulton is currently the director at the Research Seminar in Qualitative Economics at the University of Michigan. He is also a research professor at the Economic Growth Institute where he is director of the Center for Labor Market Research.

Dr. Fulton has been forecasting economic and fiscal activity in the state of Michigan annually for over three decades. In addition, he is co-director of a project to generate long-term economic and demographic projections for all the counties of Michigan. He is also a principal advisor to the university administration and to the state government on the economic situation in Michigan.

He has written a book on the Michigan regional economies, co-authored with former University of Michigan President Harold Shapiro. His research crosses disciplines, having been published in diverse professional journals and sponsored research reports.

Dr. Fulton received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Michigan.

Recent Work

Fulton, George A., and Grimes, Donald R. | 2013

The Economic Outlook for Oakland County in 2013-2015, Summary Report

Many times over the past thirty years when we prepared our reports on the county, the message has been that the Oakland economy is on a roll. We are delivering the same message this year. In the current recovery since 2009…

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